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Business Psychology in South-East Asia

My name is Kenno Simonsen, and I am the establisher of CEKOM. I am a Psychologist from Denmark - specialised in cross-cultural psychology. I am also the author of the book MASTER KEY TO THAILAND.

Based on 30 years experience with Thais and Thai culture, I have developed unique tools to optimize the cross-cultural communication and cooperation.

My concepts are based on experience mainly from Thailand, but they apply to all Buddhist cultures in South-East Asia.

On this website you will find links to MASTER KEY TO THAILAND and presentations of my services, which include education in the cross-cultural field as well as coaching.



CEKOM offers courses which gives you and your staff the best platform for Coorporation with Thais.

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Personal coaching optimizes your potential and enables you to make the best decissions on an informed basis whether it comes to cooperation, business or management. 

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Avoid picking the wrong candidate for the job. Working in thailand is VERY different from working in Western societies, and replacement is extremesy expensive. Let us help you picking the right candidate for stationing.

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