Coming from a Western culture we often tend to make a few - but costly - mistakes, when we start up a cooperation in a forign culture.

Avoid the pitfalls - take the intro-course at CEKOM.

Are you going to work, do business or lead in South-East Asia?

Pave the road for smooth cooperation before starting up. Based on 30 years experience I have great expertice in Thailand. Furthermore my koncepts are usable in any Buddhist culture in South-East Asia.

Knowledge about advanced codes of conduct such as kraeng jai, naam jai, hen jai, hai kiad and sam ruam is essential, when working with the Thais. This and much more will be revealed at the intro course.

For people, who wants to do business or work in Thailand. Recommendable for managers in Western Head Quarters with employees stationed in Thailand/South-East Asia as well.

Feel free to call for a quote on a intro course customized to your needs.


Got the intro course? Well, now you have got your "driving licence" to cooperate with Thais/South East Asians.

But no matter how good the introduction is, you simply can't learn it all in a single day. As with driving licenses for cars, intro couses just teaches you the basics.

Personal coaching is the optimal tool to handle those problems, which always occur when people from different cultures have to cooperate.

Cultural as well as personal blinders are obstacles to be overcome in order to get the best possible results.

With my psychological approach you will be able to navigate optimally through problems occurring along the way.


Are you planning to station employees in Thailand? Or maybe you are already in Thailand and want staff to assist you? Let us help you in the process of choosing the best candidate for the job.

Whether you have to pick a candidate to station i Thailand or you have to find the best assistant for yourself on the location,  it is essential to choose the right one for the job.

Being a good leader in Thailand often requires skills, which are much different from what makes a good leader in Western societies. If you end up choosing the wrong candidate it might be an extremely costly decision:

First of all it is costly to replace an employee. Personal contacts are crucial in Thailand. That makes replacement much more expensive than in Western societies, as newly stationed employees/businesspersons often have to start from scrach - building up their own personal contacts to locals.

Secondly because failure gives the employee a stressfull feeling of defeat, which often results in poor performance long after returning to the Western Head Quarter.

As personal contacts are so important in Thailand, choosing the best local assistants for any higher position in your company is also crucial.

Let me assist you in picking the best qualified candidates for the jobs. I don't provide candidates, but I support you in the process of finding the best one amongst the applicants you have on hand.



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